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Lip Blush

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Purity Sheer nude lip tone
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Youth Soft baby pink
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Energy Light coral apricot
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Luck Soft natural mauve
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By Bonny on 17 Feb, 2015
I absolutely love this product! The color is soft and very natural looking. I bought my first one at our local Target store and loved it so much I decided to buy another because they were on clearance, and there were only 3 left. My favorite color is Purity, but I also bought Luck because that was all they had left. I do wish the color lasted a little longer, but it lasts at least 4 hours for me, which is pretty good.
Super pretty!
By Lydia on 28 Jan, 2015
this is a super pretty lip product that looks beautiful and different on all lips and skin tones, making it unique and special!
Love for cheeks too
By Kathy on 25 Jan, 2015
this is an amazing stain that looks amazing on the lips and cheeks as well!!!! All you do is basically draw it on!
super cool lip and cheek stain!
By Ashley on 19 Jan, 2015
this is a fabulous lip and cheek stain and the color lasts all day on your lips! they have beautiful shades, I love youth the best. definitely a cool product!
super easy to apply
By Audrey on 17 Jan, 2015
these are like drawing with a marker on your lip, they are that easy! they are fool proof and look beautiful on!
Fantastic Lip and Cheek Stain!
By Mac on 07 Dec, 2014
I use this as a lip and cheek stain when I am on the go and it works fabulously! Just make a few little x's on my cheeks and fill in my lips and it will last for HOURS!
love the color but I wish it lasted longer
By Christa on 04 Oct, 2013
I love this product in the color purity. I have larger lips so it is hard for me to wear just any color, but this product is so light and sheer it adds just enough color to my lips so they stand out without it being overwhelming and it looks natural. The only issue I have had with this product is it wears off very quick so I have to reapply very often.
love how it glides on and can build for deeper color
By qtrptr on 13 Sep, 2013
reordering another color. love it.
The youth baby pink is an awesome color for my dull yellow skin. It brightens my face even if I only apply on my lips but it does not last long...could just be me. It lasts for maybe 3 hours.
By Sofia on 16 Jun, 2013
A must try. The youth color is awesome!
By Energy Lover on 21 May, 2013
This product is the first lip marker that I fell in love with! It's easy to use and lasts all day! A+ pixi!!

10 Item(s)

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